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2 tips to quickly identify the purity of fluorescent whitening agent OB

October 10, 2019

Nowadays, manufacturers of plastic, paint, color paste and other products are familiar with fluorescent whitening agent OB, because these manufacturers will increase the whiteness value and weather resistance of products by adding whitening agent OB in the production of plastic, paint and other products. However, the price of OB varies in the market, and the effect varies. How to quickly identify the purity of OB to find the whitening agent suitable for your product? Today I will tell you how to quickly judge the purity of fluorescent whitening agent OB?

experiment procedure

First we test its solubility, and then we test its range with a melting point meter. Through these two aspects, the purity of OB can be quickly determined without gas chromatography and liquid chromatography as well as anti-aging tests.

There are two main methods to detect the solubility of fluorescent whitening agent OB:

Rapid detection of the first kind of fluorescent brightener OB purity steps: first use precision libra scales fluorescent brightener OB, 6 g within the vessels into 100 ml of organic solvent (xylene), then 6 grams of fluorescent brightener OB three times gradually added to the 100 ml containing organic solvent (xylene) vessels, fully stirring, phased view dissolved situation of fluorescent brightener OB, if is always crystal clear without impurities, almost can determine the product is qualified product purity (single product).

laboratory apparatus

The second kind of rapid detection method of fluorescent brightener OB purity step is: judging by precision instruments, melting point instrument, calibration first melting point instrument, put capillary containing fluorescent whitening agent OB in melting point instrument, then observe the changes of dissolved numerical, its standard melting point is: 201-202 ℃, as long as less than 1 degree, and dissolves, the fluorescent whitening agent in the capillary OB is crystal clear without impurities, it shows that this product is qualified products (single product)

After that, the melting process of OB is tested with a very precise melting point meter. The shorter the melting process, the higher the content.

Above is henan Ruiqite chemical technology department -- Chu engineering, led everyone to do the test. With this simple two-step process, you can quickly identify the purity of fluorescent whitening agent OB and get a good value for money. If you need more information or help, and want to know the characteristics of fluorescent whitening agent, you can send us samples of various types of fluorescent whitening agent currently in use, so that we can help you test and customize. In addition, you can also directly call the company 18217621160 24-hour hotline and contact us! We will serve you wholeheartedly.
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