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High quality environmentally friendly waterborne coating fluorescent whitening agent RQT-C-3

August 12, 2019

Now adding fluorescent whitening agent to waterborne coatings can improve the grade in an instant, and the comprehensive cost performance far exceeds that of oily coatings.

Today, the development of water-based coatings has become an inevitable choice for many coatings companies. Water-based paint is bound to become the mainstream, and the industrial structure of the coating will undergo important changes. Improving the quality of water-based paints and reducing the production cost of water-based paints is an urgent problem to be solved in the development of water-based paints.

fluorescent whitening agent for waterborne coating

 In response to the above problems, water-based paint manufacturers must first introduce low-carbon, environmentally-friendly, and green high-quality products to supply the market. High-quality water-based paint products are far from enough by a single raw material, and additives also play a large role. RQT-C-3, a fluorescent whitening agent developed by Ruiqite, is specially used in water-based coatings to improve the whiteness and brightness of water-based coatings, significantly change the appearance of coatings, and make the water-based paint film fuller, and the film is It is resistant to heat, scalding, water and pollution, so it can last for a long time and can be adsorbed on the surface of walls or objects for a long time. It is worth mentioning that Ruiqite whitening agent has passed the third-party certified SGS non-toxic, just in line with the trend of low carbon environmental protection. It is the best choice for water-based paint manufacturers.
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