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Protective umbrella for plastic products in the summer ——UV absorber RQT-X-1

October 09, 2019

As we all know, the reason why people are prone to tanning or even sunburn in the summer is because the sun contains a lot of ultraviolet rays. When these ultraviolet rays reach a certain level, they will cause certain damage to the human body, so people will take certain measures to prevent ultraviolet rays from harming us. Ultraviolet rays are not only harmful to the human body, but also have certain damages to various daily necessities in our lives. For example, plastic aging, yellowing, softening, fading, etc. are all caused by ultraviolet rays.

Plastic pipe

Plastic products are no strangers. This is an indispensable item in our lives. There are many kinds of plastic products and different colors. The use is also related to all aspects of life. However, all plastic products have a common problem, that is, they are not resistant to the sun. After the sunlight is irradiated, the yellowing and fading of the aging will occur, especially in the summer, the service life of the plastic products is greatly shortened. Many manufacturers and customers worried about this . Such problems are common but there is no good solution. Today, a new product appears in our sight, that is, "ultraviolet absorber." Manufacturers solve the problem of aging of plastic products by adding UV absorbers to raw materials during processing.

The UV absorbers commonly used are mostly UV 531, but this product is not suitable for all products, so the effect is not particularly ideal. Henan Ruiqite Chemical is constantly innovating in the original technology according to the characteristics of ultraviolet and plastic products. Molecular experts have been researching and experimenting for many years, and finally developed a special UV-absorbing king "RQT-X-1" for plastic products. This product meets the various characteristics of plastic products, and it is both in dispersion and solubility. It is twice as easy to use as ordinary UV absorbers, and it can be used in the simplest way to achieve the best results.


Moreover, this UV-absorbing king has a small amount of addition, and can greatly improve the service life and weather resistance of the product after use, and save cost and improve the grade of the product.

In the hot summer , people need sun protection, and the products also need . Adding UV absorbers to plastic products is equivalent to adding a protective umbrella to the products in the summer, which allows customers to feel at ease with peace of mind.i

So , if you are interested in this UV absorber RQT-X-1,want to be an agent of it , or your customers want to solve the sun protection problem of plastic products in summer, you can contact me .

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