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Ruiqite company signed five-year cooperation agreement with the German agent

May 28, 2019

At 10 o'clock on the morning of May, 8, 2019, the signing ceremony of the five-year agency cooperation agreement between Henan Ruiqite Chemical Co., Ltd. and German agent Mr. Jun Drgan was held in the first conference room of Ruiqite Company.  Jirui Chen, the Chairman of the company,  Aiping Chu, the General Manager of Sales, Mr. Jun Drgan, the owner of the German Agency, and Mr. Dak, the assistant, attended the ceremony and witnessed the signing of the cooperation ceremony.

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On that day, Mr.Chen , the chairman of Ruiqite and Mr. Jun Drgan, the owner of the German agency, conducted a sincere and in-depth conversation. First of all, Mr.Chen of Ruiqite congratulated the two parties on their long-term cooperative relationship, and said that all employees of Ruiqite will provide the best products and the best services to the German side, and provide the latest product information, industry consultation, etc. Let Germany side get more end customers on the basis of more than 300 end customers they already had . German representative Mr. Jun Drgan also analyzed the industry advantages of their agency areas such as Bavaria and Lower Saxony, as well as the development status of plastics, paints and paper industry in their upcoming countries such as Poland, Czech and other regions. And the scope of application of the product determines the country, region and industry in which they will develop their customers.After that, Mr. Chu read out the terms of the agreement of the five-year cooperation agreement and explained them one by one. After reading the relevant clauses and confirming the correctness, the two parties signed the cooperation agreement and determined the cooperation time of five years.In the end, after the two parties took a group photo, the German representative visited the office, laboratory, warehouse and other places of Ruiqite Company  with the company of Mr. Chen and Mr. Chu of Ruiqite.

Ruiqite will provide the best products and best services to the Indian agent

The signing of this cooperation agreement not only makes Ruiqite’s products more popular, but the Ruiqite brand is better to go international, and it also enables German agents to find a long-term partner to  open up more customer groups. The signing of this cooperation agreement is a significant cooperation for both parties.
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