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How to choose a quality product supplier?

Let me teach you a trick.

In today's brightener market, many agents are selling brighteners from their own manufacturers. However, the appearance of many manufacturers' products is similar, and the quality of products cannot be judged. Therefore, choosing which company’s product is the first thing to be considered by agents. Ruiqite, with 28 years of brightener’s development and production experience , the product has high purity and less added amount.

Compared with the traditional brightener, the effect is remarkable and the price is transparent. It has become a direct supplier to many distributors and agents, and has signed a long-term cooperation agreement with them.


(Product sales are the best recognition. Customer experience is the best slogan. Richter, dedicated to serve you)

The purpose for product upgrade

The development of Ruiqite's products has never stopped.

The company's brighteners are special used for different product, and are constantly optimized and upgraded. New brighteners and yellowing agents are continuously introduced to solve the product’s problem of more dim colors and yellowing in the later stage. A wide range of product applications with open and transparent product prices will let you find more end users and get more repeat orders. We may not be the only choice, but you will never regret it when you choose us.
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