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Ruiqite Optical Brighteners, less dosage, better effect

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    Plastic Products
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Plastic Products
Innovative Formula

Advanced technology formula, significant yellowing, whitening, brightening, and color protection Significant effect.

Traditional Technology

Traditional fluorescent whitening agent, low utilization rate, increased product cost, surface gloss, incremental effect is not obvious, the appearance is easy to darken and yellow, the weathering grade is poor, and the duration is short.

Hot melt coating
Riqit Optical Brightener

Commonly used in the amount of 0.01%-0.03%, that is, each 100kg of the materials, takes 10g-30g. The same effect, our dosage is less. Same dosage, our effect is better.

Traditional Optical Brightener

Commonly used in the amount of 0.1%-0.15%, that is, each 100kg of the materials, takes 100g-150g. Limited by the technology, To achieve good results, more fluorescent whitening agents are needed.

Paints and Inks
Riqit Optical Brightener

Large factory, strength guarantee, 4 production bases, the largest annual output in China, the leader in fluorescent whitening agent industry.

Traditional Optical Brightener

Among traders sales, increase the channels, the price is not transparent, incomplete after-sales, quality is not stable.

Remove the yellow
Riqit Optical Brightener

Experienced team of experts to guide, Continuous deep optimization value-added services.

Traditional Traders

Traditional technology, surface luster, brightening effect is not obvious, appearance capacity is easy to darken and yellowed, weathering grade is poor, lasting time is short.
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