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Why do other dealers who specialize in washing whiteners have so many customers

September 06, 2019

The development of the laundry liquid industry has also been an industry that has always been a concern. So is there an environmentally friendly washing whitening agent that can bring good development to the washing industry? With the continuous growth of people's social consumption level, whether it is daily necessities or other supplies, the grades are constantly improving, and the washing products in our lives are indispensable.

Then, if the washing manufacturer wants to make the product well and has a good sales volume, it must use other additives on the premise of ensuring the quality of the product itself. In addition to finding their own, most manufacturers find the additives they want from dealers. With so many auxiliaries on the market, washing products want to better improve the grade of the products, we must choose the targeted products. So next, i will introduce a special brightener for washing.


RQT-C-2 fluorescent whitening agent is a styrene biphenyl derivative, soluble in water, alcohol, ether, DMF, etc. Its main features:

1. Strong fluorescence and high efficiency.

2, very resistant to chlorine bleaching, hydrogen peroxide bleaching and strong acid, strong alkali, so that it can play a high whitening effect in detergents containing brighteners.

3, can significantly increase the whiteness of washing powder, soap, soap, etc., change its appearance quality.

4, soluble in water, good migration, whitening clothes evenly when hand washing and machine washing, there will be no accumulation of products.

5, strong whitening effect, in the cold water and warm water on cellulose fiber, polyamide, protein fiber, cotton, etc. have a higher whitening effect, while other fluorescent whitening agents at low temperatures whitening effect is poor.

6, the whitening speed is fast, the fabric can reach a very high whiteness in a very short time.

7. It has excellent wet and dry fastness and excellent perspiration resistance. The styrene triazine fluorescent whitening agent is easy to be dispersed during the drying process of the washed fabric, and the fabric is yellowed under the action of perspiration.

8, after repeated washing, the effect is better, the more whitening, the more washable, and the styrene triazine type fluorescent whitening agent, after repeated use, the fabric will be greenish, darkened, and the whiteness will decrease.

{C}9. {C}RQT-C-2 fluorescent whitening agent is harmless to the human body under the recommended dosage and general use, and will not cause pollution to the environment.

This washing special fluorescent whitening agent RQT-C-2 is from Henan Ruiqite Chemical Co., Ltd., which is specially developed to solve the whitening problem of washing customers. It is also to make customers spend less money gets the best results.

Therefore, if you have customers who produc laundry detergent, or you want to represent our company's RQT-C-2 agent and other additives, you can contact us.

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