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The chairman inspected and condoled to the front-line employees of the factory

May 05, 2019

The production plant of Henan Ruiqite Chemical Co., Ltd. is in the most intense construction period, but the intense work schedule has not affected the work enthusiasm of the entire construction staff.

Accompanied by Mr. Chu Aiping, the general manager of the network operation, Mr. Chen Jirui, the chairman of the company, came to the factory of Ruiqite Chemical Fluorescent Brightener Production Base to inspect the production work, and sent warm condolences to all the employees of the factory.

The director of the factory, Wang Penglei, and other receptionists accompanied the inspection. Since the start of factory in 2016, the factory adheres to the quality concept of ‘Standard determines the level, character determines the product’, and strictly follow the production plan to ensure the completion of production tasks. Leaders at all levels pay much attention to all aspects of production, safety and environmental protection. When leaders arrive at the factory, they go to various workshops for inspection. The orderly safety management, compact production schedule, and the spirit of the staff left deep impression to the leaders. After listening to the work report of the factory production leadership team, Chairman Chen expressed his affirmation of the production situation and encouraged all employees to keep going and reach a higher record!

The chairman inspected and condoled to the front-line employees of the factory

The chairman spoke cordially with the production master struggling in the first line and sent warm condolences and spiritual encouragement to all the workers in the factory so that all the staff felt the warmth of the home deeply and let the factory staff struggle on the future road to be encouraged!

The inspection and condolence work of the leaders greatly inspired the morale of the factory production staff. Where there’s happiness, there’s the investment. I believe that we will do better together, work happily and live happily. Under the leadership and concern of Chairman Chen, all the employees of the factory must continue to devote themselves to the production and construction of the factory with full enthusiasm and high-spirited fighting spirit, fully carrying forward the struggle, unity and cooperation, and advancing with difficulties. ‘Work hard to realize my dream, family dream, and Chinese dream at an early date!’
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