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Optical Brightener used in Children's Coatings

June 09, 2019

Optical Brightener used in Children's Coatings

Children's Coatings are a kind of products that have sprung up in recent years to sell "specially designed for children", because their potential consumers are children as a special group. optical brightener is used in children's coatings, so environmental protection and scrubbing resistance are particularly concerned. Industry experts say that many of the children's coatings sold on the market are actually ordinary coatings, and most businesses raise the prices of their products under the banner of "environmental protection." in fact, their products are not very different from ordinary paint.

The so-called "zero formaldehyde volatilization" is only a business promotion gimmick. So is the performance of children's paint better? How are the standards set? What is the state of the market? At present, in the children's paint market, the publicity and selling points of the products are concentrated in two aspects, one is that it has the function of anti-formaldehyde and purifying air, and the other is that the content of VOC is low. For the healthy growth of their children, parents do not hesitate to buy children's paint at high prices. However, people in the industry have questioned that buying children's paint at a high price can only buy a gimmick, and children's paint is actually no different from ordinary environmental protection paint. So, what is the performance index of children's paint?

In May 2019, the authoritative testing agency tested the mainstream children's paint brands in the current market, and compared with the environmental protection paint tested in January of that year, to see what the differences in safety and functionality were. According to the relevant industry standards for a number of children's coatings, formaldehyde purification effect persistence and VOC two major indicators test. Formaldehyde purification effect is persistent, reflecting the lasting effect of paint formaldehyde purification function with the passage of time. Another important reference indicator to measure whether a paint product is environmentally friendly is VOC. In the bedroom, when VOC reaches a certain concentration, it will make people feel headache, vomiting and so on in a short period of time.

When it is serious, it will hurt the liver, brain and nervous system, resulting in memory loss and other consequences. The VOC content of the samples was determined, and the results showed that the VOC of children's coatings was not detected. Industry insiders said, "VOC mainly from film-forming auxiliaries, optical brighteners, antifreeze and other additives." Paint enterprises will not only carry out different control of different products, but also according to the climate characteristics of the production area, in order to adjust the degree of auxiliaries. According to the climate characteristics, the weather is hotter, the paint brush is easy to form a film, so in the paint does not need to add film-forming auxiliaries, let alone put in antifreeze, it is not difficult to achieve ultra-low content of VOC. "

Optical Brightener used in

The overall test results show that the durability of formaldehyde purification effect of children's coatings is not significantly different from that of ordinary environmental protection paints. The VOC content of volatile organic compound is better than that of environmental protection paint. It is understood that strict restrictions on harmful substances in children's paint products, improve environmental protection requirements, help to standardize the architectural paint market, create a fair competition environment, so that consumers have more opportunities to choose high-quality water-based interior wall coatings. It is reported that in the scrub resistance (times), stain resistance, volatile organic compounds content, free formaldehyde, hexavalent chromium content and other chemical performance quantitative indicators can be called "the most stringent in history."
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