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Why is your granulation not competitive?

May 28, 2019

Granulation is the process of hot-melting, extruding, distributing and dicing the plastics in many different forms to make the granular plastics convenient for subsequent processing.

Since it is said that many different types of plastics can be granulated, which means that the choice of raw materials must concern about the cost. The easier the raw material comes from, the cheaper the price is. Therefore, if meeting performance requirements, many manufacturers choose materials as cheap as possible.

Why is your granulation not competitive?

After manufacturers getting the huge interests, the victims are often the downstream manufacturers. In the production process, there are countless problems, such as not white enough, mottled, not transparent enough, weather resistance is not high, color is not bright and so on. In order to address these problems, Our company, Henan Ruiqite Chemical Co., Ltd., specially and professionally introduces plastic granulation whitening agent.

Our company introduces advanced technology formulas from Europe and the United States, and uses outstanding imported materials.  Through years of continuous learning, advancement and innovation of our company’s polymer experts, we have developed our special products, which are non-toxic and tasteless with high weather, heat and fade resistance, and have a remarkable whitening and brightening performance.

A granulator in Hebei Province has been in good business all along, but after a few years, the market competitiveness of its own products became weaker and weaker, the market occupancy rate got lower and lower, and his factory was facing the realm of being eliminated by the market. When we initially recommended fluorescent whitening agent B-3 to him, he refused very much because he did not know what to do with this product. When he finally had no way to continue his factory, he found us and told us he decided to try it.

Why is your granulation not competitive?

On the same day, we shipped the fluorescent whitening agent BX3 for him, and attached the plan we had made for him, which included how to match the product, how to add it, how much to add, etc. After the production test, the boss chose our products so that his company’s market competitiveness had been increasing, and gradually recovered and surpassed his previous status.

Developed to fill the masterbatch, it is constantly innovating due to plastic particles - RQT-B-3 masterbatch special fluorescent whitening agent. Do you really know this whitening agent that can make your masterbatch?

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