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A good additive to improve the grade of ink products - fluorescent whitening agent RQT-A-1

September 05, 2019

Speaking of ink, everyone is familiar. Ink is an important material for printing, which displays patterns and characters on a multiplicative by printing. The ink includes a main component and an auxiliary component which are uniformly mixed and repeatedly rolled to form a viscous gelatinous fluid. It consists of pigments, binders, auxiliaries and solvents. It is used for various printings such as books, magazines, packaging and decoration, and architectural decoration. Due to its wide range of applications, the demand for inks has increased.

Ink products

A lot of ink manufacturers will choose to add fluorescent whitening agents to improve the product grade when producing inks. Now the market of fluorescent whitening agents is also growing, and more and more manufacturers of brighteners are produced. Therefore, choosing a good, stable quality fluorescent whitening agent supplier is a bit of an annoyance for ink manufacturers or brightener agents.

The products used by customers in different dealers have different effects. How to improve the whiteness, brightness and anti-fading of ink products has always been the pursuit of many ink manufacturers. Today, introduces a special fluorescent whitening agent for ink, so that you have more ink production customers.

The auxiliaries commonly used in ink production are fluorescent whitening agents OB. Why is the fluorescent whitening agent OB only effective in the ink? The main reason is that the ink whitening agent OB has low melting point and good transparency. , E value is determined by factors such as high. Other fluorescent whitening agents have high melting points, some hiding power strongly affects transparency, some are not resistant to migration time, yellowing phenomenon, etc., which causes other types of fluorescent whitening agents to fail to reach ink. Product demand.

This has led many brightener distributors to know only that OB is used for inks, and that the ink-specific fluorescent whitening agent RQT-A-1 is not known. Ink special fluorescent whitening agent RQT-A-1, this whitening agent is a product with high whiteness value and good weather resistance, which can obviously improve the white brightness, vividness and good migration resistance of ink products. The yellowing and other characteristics can be completely dissolved in the product, which is better than the OB product, because this is a special brightener developed by Henan Ruiqite. The addition ratio is generally about 200 g according to the different needs of customers. This fluorescent whitening agent can be very effective in ink products.

Ink brightener RQT-A-1

Making the ink product maintain better wetting performance and fullness. The whiteness value of the product can be greatly improved, making the product whiter and whiter, and the color is more vivid! It can also prevent the product from yellowing in the later period, so that the product can be used for a longer period of time and protect the product!

Henan Ruiqite Company in the fluorescent whitening agent industry, only to make the product whiter, brighter and brighter. Therefore, if you have a customer who produces ink, or if you want to represent our ink brightener-RQT-A-1, you can contact us.

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