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How is the woven bag transparent and bright

August 30, 2019

Woven bags are widely used in the packaging of various articles. They are widely used in industry and daily use. The packaging of rice we usually buy, the packaging of fertilizers bought by farmers, the packaging of cement, etc. are all woven bags. The quality of the packaging determines the purchase of this customer. Not to mention the quality of the product, if the packaging looks good and attractive, the customer is likely to buy. If the package looks LOW, the customer doesn't even have the desire to see it, and it's even less likely to buy it. The woven bag is the same. If it is made transparent and bright, the customer will come naturally.

Woven bag

Many manufacturers who make woven bags want to make their bags transparent and bright, but the bags they make are always unsatisfactory, and there will be fog and yellowing problems. This is because the woven bag lacks an auxiliary agent in the production process - woven bag transparent agent RQT-TS-2, and some customers say that they are using new materials, there is no need to add anything, this is a very wrong view. Peers are all used, you have never added it, you can imagine, how much you are behind them, they have been using better auxiliaries to make woven bags more transparent and bright. , so you should know why the woven bag made by the peers is transparent and bright.

Now is an era of progress and innovation. If others are innovating and progressing, and you are still in the original state, you will be eliminated sooner or later. In the drawing process of the woven bag, the drawn wire will fog and the transparency will drop a lot. RQT-TS-2 is a special transparent agent for plastics, especially on transparent woven bags. It has better transparency and can completely replace the traditional plastic transparent agent on the market.

RQT-TS-2 is a white powder with a temperature resistance of 260 degrees. It is better in transparent plastic products such as PVC, PE and PP, especially in transparent woven bags! This transparent agent also has the advantages of good dispersibility, low mobility, light resistance and heat resistance. In particular, it also has a brightening effect on the woven bag, so that the woven bag is not only highly transparent, but also has a much improved brightness. .

The addition method and the addition ratio of the woven bag transparent agent RQT-TS-2 are very simple, and the mixture is mixed with the material in a ratio of eight ten thousandths to the mixer or the mixer, and the RQT-TS-2 is mixed with the material and uniformly stirred. Add some industrial white oil when adding, so that the transparent agent and the material can adhere better together, there will be no flying phenomenon, and the transparency of the made woven bag is higher, eliminating fog, yellow, motley, dark color. Wait.

 Therefore, if you have customers who makes woven bags or want to become an agent of our RQT-TS-2 product , you can contact us directly.

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