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The secret you don't know for brightening the PVC products

August 11, 2019

Now with the development of the economy, some plastic products are very poor in color, and the colors are not so good. For example, PVC plastic pipes, plates, gussets, etc., the gloss and brightness of the products are not up to the requirements of downstream customers. So, how to solve such problems? I think most manufacturers will choose to add additives, so what additives should be added?

Pvc pipe

Here is a special brightening agent for PVC pipe - RQT-G-1. This product is independently developed and produced by Henan Ruiqite Chemical Co., Ltd. The technology is mature and stable, and it is widely used in PVC materials. The brightness of PVC plastic products can be improved to a mirror effect, and a clear figure can be reflected in front of the person. In the production process, the optical reaction occurs in the form of molecules dissolved in the plastic raw material, and the brightness is higher under the illumination of outdoor sunlight. Therefore, in the visual, the feeling of oil brightening can be brought about, and it is obvious that the gloss, the brightness and the vividness are greatly different compared with those which have not been added.

RQT-G-1, a special brightener for PVC pipe, has a variety of functional groups on its long chain. It has a strong living name and polarity, and can be integrated with the molecular ends of different materials to improve the various systems. The compatibility between the two can better prevent common problems such as delamination. In addition, the RQT-G-1 brightener has a balanced internal and external lubrication. The internal lubrication can reduce the internal molecular friction of the material system and improve the fluidity. The external lubrication can reduce the friction between the material and the machine, and has a good protection effect on the surface of the product. In addition, the RQT-G-1 brightener adopts a macromolecular structure, has good compatibility with the resin, is not easily precipitated, and has little effect on physical properties. The outstanding functional characteristics of Ruiqite's products ensure that the plastic products made by them have high light and high quality characteristics.

ROT-G-1 brightener

Henan Ruiqite Chemical not only pursues product quality, but also pays attention to sales service. And this RQT-G-1 plastic pipe special-purpose brightener products have also been verified by 8000+ household pipes, plates and other manufacturers. The products produced by Ruiqite are special-purpose and can solve problems in many aspects, allowing customers to experience high-quality products at low cost during production to meet customer requirements. In the technical team, we  can provide detailed solutions to different problems according to the customer's problems, so that you can better serve your customers.

Therefore, if you have a customer who produces PVC plastic pipe, sheet, gusset, or if you want to represent our this special brightener ——RQT-G-1 , you can contact us.

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