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How to choose the whitening agent ob supplier for toner

August 07, 2019

At present, in the international market, the demand for toner is relatively large. Plastic toner is an industrial product, and it is an indispensable additive for many plastic products to play a role in coloring. However, with the continuous improvement of the economy, manufacturers are more concerned about the use of toner in plastics, and more important in improving the grade of toner. Let the plastic products produced by customers look more beautiful and the colors are more vivid, which is the pursuit of brightener distributors. Only when the customer use well , can there be a stable development in the later period. The amount of fluorescent whitening agent OB used in toner manufacturers is also large, but the effect of different suppliers of fluorescent whitening agent OB is different, so how to choose a stable supplier with stable supply? Here, I will introduce you a  manufacturer who specializes in fluorescent whitening agents---Henan Ruiqite Chemical.


The colorful plastic products in life are made of toner, so we can see so many colored life products with toner. Most of the plastic products are placed outdoors. After a long period of exposure to the sun, the problem of color loss will occur. This is because the plastic products are added  toner during the production. The toner itself is not very weather resistant and will fade after the sun has passed. Therefore, in the toner, the fluorescent whitening agent OB is an important auxiliary agent, which can improve the problem that the toner is easily faded, and the weathering level of the toner is also improved.

Toner Fluorescent Brightener OB is produced in many places, and the choice of which optical brightener OB supplier is a problem for many brightener distributors. Choosing a supplier with stable quality, supply and service is an important indicator of choice. The fluorescent whitening agent OB produced by Henan Ruiqite Company is better than the ordinary fluorescent whitening agent on the market. The fluorescent whitening agent of Henan Ruiqite  Co., Ltd. is a collection of R&D and sales of production. The fluorescent whitening agent OB is continuously upgraded, which not only improves the weather resistance of the toner itself, but also improves the product quality.

Ruiqite's product solves the problem from the root of the product. For each customer's problem, Ruiqite has been constantly improving and developing. Want to know more special fluorescent whitening agents, you can go directly to Henan Ruiqite website! Or if you have a toner manufacturer who needs a whitening agent ob, you can contact us.

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