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How to improve the whiteness and brightness of paint

August 03, 2019

Some paint or paint will be used in the decoration of the house, so people have certain requirements for the smoothness, whiteness and brightness of the paint, and also require no color change for a long time. However, many paints will change color or fade after a period of time.


And is particularly serious, this is also an important indicator of whether paint products are qualified, so paint whitening agent is very important, so which fluorescent whitening agent effect is good?

Paint is made up of resin and other solvents, generally no chemical additives added to the paint, after a period of time will be yellowed, discoloration, not bright.

Paint manufacturers will add some brighteners in the production process to make up for the original shortcomings of the paint, improve the brightness of the paint and paint, and increase the anti-oxidation, liquidity and smoothness of the paint.


Well, which special fluorescent whitening agent for paint is good, that is, the fluorescent whitening agent produced by Henan Ruiqite Chemical Co., Ltd., this fluorescent whitening agent is very soluble with paint and can be well dissolved in solvents.

And fully mixed in the dispersion products, to a large extent increase the brightness and smoothness of the paint, improve the grade of the paint.
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