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How does plastic extend its life?

August 03, 2019

Plastic products are collectively referred to as living, industrial and other products that are processed from plastic as the main raw material. Including plastics as raw materials for injection molding, plastic molding and other processes of products. Compared with other materials, plastic products have the advantages of low cost and strong plasticity. The market demand for plastic products is mainly concentrated in agricultural plastic products, packaging plastic products, architectural plastic products, industrial transportation and engineering plastic products.

Although plastics are widely used and are very easy to process, the use of plastics for a long time will cause aging problems, which will lead to a significant reduction in the service life of plastics. Some plastics are recyclable, but many plastics are not recyclable. Therefore, extending the life of plastics is an urgent issue today.

Plastics have different components. Some components may change chemically due to the action of light, especially ultraviolet light, or some substances that are volatilized, so that the original characteristics disappear and the plastic ages. Since there is an aging problem, there will be a solution, just like selling something, if you sell it, you will buy it. Here's how to extend the life of your plastic.

 UV absorber RQT-X-1

American brightener distributor Mr.Brown, his customer is producting polypropylene anti-grass cloth, but this anti-grass cloth needs to be outdoors, after the sun exposure, it will easily fade, age and lose the original time. Features. Mr.Brown learned that Ruiqite focus on chemical additives can solve his customer's problems. So he sent an email to Ruiqite for help, explaining the products that his customers made, and the problems the costomer needs to be solved . Ruiqite immediately recommended him a plastic-specific UV absorption king RQT-X-1.

Use renderings

RQT-X-1 is a UV absorber specially developed by Ruiqite for plastic products. This UV absorber is a white powder with light color, non-toxicity, good compatibility, low mobility and easy processing. , helps to reduce color, while delaying yellowing and retarding physical performance loss. For the fading of plastic products, the aging problem is very good.

At the beginning, Mr. Brown was very interested in listening to Ruiqite's introduction, knows that Ruiqite's RQT-X-1 has a good effect on extending the service life of plastics, but there are still some concerns that can't easily try new products. At that time, did not get the goods. However, after repeated considerations, he  find Ruiqite again, not only   take a kilogram back for customer testing, and also to carry out large-volume purchases. Mr. Brown must have learned from many parties that he knows that Ruiqite's products are effective and can solve the problems of his customers before they can be purchased in large quantities.
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