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Classification and dosage of fluorescent Brightener

August 10, 2019

There is a lot of negative news about fluorescent brighteners, so many people hate this thing, but we have contact with it in our daily life, because some products such as plastics, paints, papermaking, textiles, and so on, are added with fluorescent whitening agents. 

Plastic particles

Including the bed covers in our hotel, fluorescent brighteners are used when cleaning in batches.

Fluorescent whitening agent has been confirmed by authoritative experts, a small amount of use of whitening agent will not cause harm to human body, fluorescent whitening agent is a common additive of the product.

No matter what kind of product fluorescent brightener is used in, as long as the production enterprise can provide some testing and certification to prove that the whitening agent sold out of the factory is up to the standard, then consumers can rest assured that it can be used without any harm to the human body.

Fluorescent brightener is a kind of polymer, which belongs to the dye category. It is converted into visible blue and white light by ultraviolet light invisible to the naked eye, superimposed with the color of the raw material itself.

The function of whitening, brightening and brightening, such as the plastic products used in our daily life, some paints are added with fluorescent whitening agent, but its addition is so small that it can be almost ignored.

But the whitening effect is good, with a small volume can bring remarkable results, which is why manufacturers want to use this product.

At the beginning, we mentioned the use of fluorescent whitening agent, and then we will introduce in detail the approximate amount of fluorescent whitening agent pure powder used in the product.

The addition amount of fluorescent whitening agent for plastics is about 2/10000; the addition amount of paint coating is generally about 3/1000, the addition amount of papermaking is about 1/1000, and the amount of textile is only about 5/10000.

Fluorescent brightener is also divided into many models, OB,OB-1,127,KCB,KSN,KSB,CBS and so on, plastic except CBS other brightener can be used, because the plastic requirements are low.

Paint will generally use OB, because OB is a whitening agent solubility is better, weather resistance is also better.

Washing chemical will generally choose to use the CBS this model.

Plastic particles

Therefore, different types of products have different characteristics, according to the characteristics of their own products can achieve additive effect, the effect is better.

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