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Ksn fluorescent whitening agent manufacturer

September 05, 2019

Fluorescent whitening agent ksn is commonly known as "whitening king", which is produced by mixing traditional fluorescent whitening agent OB-1 mono-dimethyl and phthalocyanine blue. It is a whitening effect, weather resistance and stability. A product that is quite good. Melting point: 270-350. Decomposition temperature: 300. Color light: bright red blue. The surface is green powder, blue and white light is used for the five general-purpose plastics. The hard plastic has the best effect and can be used for whitening of various plastics, but it should be noted that the experiment proves that it is easy to precipitate on PP and PET wire drawing. There are a lot of whitening kings on the market, the surface is also on the road, the price is not cheap, but the effect is quite different. Today we recommends you a professional manufacturer of whitening king, you are looking forward to!

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Fluorescent whitening agent ksn is no more than five domestic manufacturers. Ruiqite Chemical is a fluorescent whitening agent manufacturer, specializing in 28 years of production. The KSN of Ruiqite Chemical produces unique effects and guarantees the content. In order to prevent market adulteration, Ruiqite products are packed in one kilogram of ribbons and have anti-counterfeit logos. It is a product that cannot be surpassed by the market. The appearance of the products is green. The dosage is about 300g per ton, and the weather resistance grade is up to eight. It is used in five general-purpose plastics. Plastic, PP wire drawing and plastic granules work best.

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