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The cause of add fluorescent brightener to plastic

May 28, 2019

Why should add the fluorescent brightener to plastic and what's the purpose?Color paste and paint will be added to the recyclable plastic material to improve the product quality. What will occur?

A large quantity of paint added to the recyclable plastic will decrease the content of plastic and make it harder to recycle the plastic and make the plastic more fragile and decrease the value. So the growing trend of the plastic is simplify the color. And light colored plastic will be more valuable. So whatever produce the plastic products or plastic particle, we should put attention on the colors.

Color paint should be added as little as possible. Instead more optical agents should be added, which is supplement to plastic. It is not used in white raw material and also other color.  It make the white material more white and bright and make the colorized more vivid. As the fluorescent brightener agent takes effect on the basis of optical theory. So it can increase weatherability and without fading. Fluorescent brightener of RQT-B-3 specialized in extrusion and particle make.  It will not increase the cost , compared with color paint, as just 200g of agent added  to one metric ton of material, the quantity is very small.

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