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Which is the famous plasticizer factories in China?

May 28, 2019

Henan Ruiqite Chemical CO,.LTD is a famous plasticizer manufacturer in China. The plasticizer from Henan Ruiqite can make the plastic products more flexible , easy processing, and lubricious and widely used in Chinese industry market.

Limit of endurance heat is different among the many plastic products. Plastic used in food,the heat resistance temperature of  PP is 140℃, next ,PE is 110℃,PS is 90℃. Ruiqite with 25 years of experience invented the new plasticizer , which is widely used in PVC cable material ,clear material, paratypical material, leatheroid PU,the model is RQT-P-1.

In China,Ruiqite has great influence in plasticizer industry as the strong R & D capability and achieve an important breakthrough. RQT-P-1 is multifunctional plasticizer ,specially used in plastic products. Blown film industry is well served among many client. As we all know, shopping bag and trash bag are necessary in everyday life.RQT-P-1 can increase the brightness and vividness  and also can reduce the bad smell for them.  1-3kg RQT-P-1 mixed in one metric ton of recycling PE can make the raw material more bright and anti-reflection. And this product can replace the DOP and DBP. Just mix RQT-P-1 in the raw material, without any changes in the process, can improve the strength and wallop for the product.
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