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4 must-know processes that affect the efficacy of plastic fluorescent whitening agents

July 04, 2019

White plastic products, like other white objects, have a slight absorption of blue light in the short-wave range of visible light, causing appears slightly yellowish when people see them with the naked eye, affecting their color and giving a sense of oldness. Following the method of the textile printing and dyeing industry, adding an appropriate amount of fluorescent whitening agent in the plastic processing process can make up for the deficiency of blue and improve the reflection of light to solve this problem.

In order to improve the performance of plastic products, a variety of plastic auxiliaries and colorants can be added during the processing. The processing temperature of plastics is up to 300℃.

Plastic basket brightener

These characteristics determine that the fluorescent whitening agent used in plastic products must have certain special requirements:

1, has good compatibility with plastic resin and plastic additives used;

2, can effectively improve the whiteness and brightness of plastic products at low concentration, and can be evenly distributed in the whitened products, that is, the distribution of brightener molecules should be molecular-level;

3, should be stable at higher processing temperatures, and have certain requirements on the melting point of the selected brightener;

4, has good light resistance, weather resistance, no migration and extraction.

The above is a technical reference solution provided by Henan Ruiqite Chemical. For more information on the application of plastic brighteners, please visit our  website: or contact us directly.

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