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Choose the right PE blown film special fluorescent whitening agent

July 01, 2019

The use of PE blown film in the world is inseparable in both industrial and daily life. Today we talk about some problems in the production of PE film. The most common problem is that the blown film is not white enough, not transparent enough, because many manufacturers In order to save costs, we choose recycled materials and old materials, so the quality of the blown film can not be ignored. This will cause sales to go up, inventory accumulation, and therefore troubles. Brighteners solve the troubles of many manufacturers!

blown film special fluorescent whitening agent

Ruiqite brighteners must be used to solve such problems, because Ruiqite blown film special brightener is not only cheap, it has a peculiar effect on blown film products, and it is produced by adding fluorescent whitening agent. The product is very bright, and the transparency is high. The most important thing is that it is small in addition. It only needs 200g-300g per ton of dosage, which reduces the production cost of the factory and is favored by domestic manufacturers.

blown film special fluorescent whitening agent

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