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Fluorescent brightener CBS manufacturers

September 25, 2019

 In the daily washing industry, many manufacturers add fluorescent whitening agents to enhance the brightness and vividness of washing products to meet more consumer needs. There are four major fluorescent brightener for water-based products in China: VBL, DMS, CBS-X, and RQT-C-2. They each have their own advantages and disadvantages, and then they will be revealed to the market. The most commonly used fluorescent whitening agent and its magical effect.

Fluorescent whitening agent CBS

VBL is a liquid whitening agent widely used in the paper industry. Generally, it is relatively large. According to the current form and environmental protection requirements, washing manufacturers should apply safe and environmentally friendly brighteners. DMS is a whitening agent for textile printing and dyeing, but it is gradually disappearing on the market. CBS-X is a high-grade washing fluorescent whitening agent compared to the former two. It is used by many well-known detergents, laundry detergents, soaps and other customers.

  Henan Ruiqite Chemical Co., Ltd. has developed a new, efficient, environmentally friendly and safe

RQT-C-2 upgraded version of the product, which has been widely promoted and sold. There is also a trading platform in Alibaba. You can experience the product effect when you order one kilogram. You can log on to the Ruiqite product website: .
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