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Spot KCB brightener manufacturer

September 18, 2019

Among the many varieties of fluorescent whitening agents, the whitening agent KCB is a kind of whitening, brightening and brightening effect in plastics. This model is widely used in bright plastic products, shoe materials, Foaming on the soles, mainly in Fujian, China, Guangdong regional application factory home, in a new round of environmental protection situation, fluorescent whitening agent KCB products, facing the tight supply, supply shortage situation, this time to find Henan Ruiqite Chemical Ltd. will bring brilliance to your business.

Production factory display

 Shoe materials are in contact with each of us, because shoes are essential daily necessities for our daily life and travel. Whether it is PVC, EVA, TPU or other shoes, adding appropriate amount of fluorescent whitening agent KCB products can make white The whiteness of the shoe material is doubled, and the color of the shoe material is more vivid. Therefore, the fluorescent whitening agent is indispensable in our daily life. The fluorescent whitening agent KCB produced by Ruiqite Chemical is white in the shoe material. The degree and weather resistance are 1.2-1.5 times higher than the traditional brighteners, and the addition amount is also very small, only 200 grams per ton. Easily solve problems with whiteness, brightness, and vividness.

 Fluorescent brightener KCB has been the favorite fluorescent brightener model in Quanzhou and Zhejiang markets in Fujian, because this product can provide customers with more added value in sports shoes, high heels, flat shoes. There are a wide range of applications. In the face of market supply shortages, Henan Ruiqite Chemical has spot sales to meet the needs of different customers, the packaging specifications are generally 25 kg cardboard drums, Ruiqite Chemical in the Internet era, reducing the distance between manufacturers and us, direct delivery In the hands of customers, reduce the links of middlemen and give benefits to customers.

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