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Fluorescent whitening agent for color masterbatch

May 28, 2019


Ruiqi Te Chemical Co., Ltd. has accumulated rich experience in the research and application of fluorescent whitening agents accumulated over the years. Through the innovation research of more than 20 experts in the company, it has developed a fluorescent whitening agent A-4 for masterbatch, which can completely replace the market common fluorescent. Brightener, after many experiments and production of a large number of plastic production companies, this product is safe and environmentally friendly, with high whitening performance, has been widely invested in the Chinese market.

Optical Brightener For color masterbatch


RQT-A-4 fluorescent whitening agent is used in the fields of white masterbatch, color masterbatch, functional masterbatch, etc. It can be used as a carrier for various kinds of PE, PP, ABS, PVC, EVA, etc. The products have strong coloring power, good dispersibility, small mobility, light resistance and good heat resistance in the processes of injection molding, blow molding and spinning.


1. Good dispersibility, which helps the color masterbatch and resin to be evenly mixed and strengthens the plasticizing performance.

2. can have good matching with different grades of resin, its color masterbatch color is stable and uniform

3. improve the coloring effect of the masterbatch, the surface finish increases

4. This product has good compatibility with various additives and pigments, small migration, good heat resistance and so on.

Optical Brightening Agent factory

Product usage:

RQT-A-4 Fluorescent Brightener is recommended for white masterbatch: 0.03%~0.1%, recommended for color masterbatch: 0.01%~0.03%, recommended for functional masterbatch: 1%-2.5%, (the above several masterbatches are adjusted according to product whiteness and concentration requirements).
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