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Which type of Optical Brightener agent is used for plastic pipes?

May 28, 2019

Plastic pipes are mostly used in construction water supply and drainage, urban water supply and drainage, gas pipes and other fields, and become the main force of the new century urban construction pipe network. However, in the process of making plastic pipes, in order to make them look good, some chemical additives are usually added. Fluorescent whitening agents are commonly used to enhance whitening and brightening.

Many friends who have used Optical Brightener agents know that the prices of manufacturers are mostly the same, but the prices of some small traders can be different. How to choose the Optical Brightener agent suitable for your own product according to the material and use of your product?

Which type of Optical Brightener agent is used for plastic pipes? 

Among the partners who choose to order, if they choose to cooperate with the manufacturer, the quality of the product is definitely better than the dealer, the purity of the Optical Brightener agent is high, and the supply is sufficient. The price is also relatively stable, so which type of Optical Brightener agent should be used for plastic pipes? Henan Ruiqi Te Chemical Co., Ltd. started its production and sales of fluorescent whitening agents, and its products sell well both at home and abroad. Richter has a strong R&D team, constantly improving and innovating traditional fluorescent whitening agents, and has developed fluorescent whitening agents for different models.

Which type of Optical Brightener agent is used for plastic pipes?

Fluorescent whitening agent for pipe is a special fluorescent whitening agent specially developed by Ritchie for plastic pipe products, which solves the problems of traditional Optical Brightener agent quality, environmental protection, price and so on, and provides many conveniences for plastic pipe manufacturers. Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, soluble in organic solvents, extremely weather resistant, heat resistant, light resistant, anti-oxidant, anti-yellowing, whitening, and brightening performance! The dosage is less than the traditional whitening agent, and the whiteness value is higher than the traditional whitening agent under the same addition amount. It is the preferred brand for the plastic pipe manufacturers to choose the fluorescent whitening agent.
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