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Special fluorescent brightener for rigid PVC

August 12, 2019

We all know that rigid PVC is mainly used in PVC pipes and fittings and profiles, for pipes the general use temperature is not more than 40 degrees, often used in water supply (non-drinking water), drainage pipes, Rain Water pipes.

  rigid PVC

In production, in order to improve the whiteness of pipe, many manufacturers will add fluorescent brightener, because there are many types of fluorescent brightener, performance characteristics are also very different, today to talk to you about the characteristics of hard PVC special fluorescent brightener.

Fluorescent brightener, also known as optical brightener, is a kind of compounds that can absorb ultraviolet light and emit blue or blue-purple visible light.

Many industrial products, such as textiles, paper, plastics, etc., often have a yellow hue that is not visually desirable. Using the principle that blue and yellow are complementary colors, adding fluorescent whitening agent can remove yellow and make the treated objects appear white.


The special fluorescent brightener for rigid PVC, which is often used, only needs to be fully mixed when PVC is mixed.

Because the amount of fluorescent brightener is very small, generally about 2/10000 (1 ton of material plus 200g), so it is very important to ensure good dispersibility.

In the process of hard extrusion, the general fillers of PVC products are calcium carbonate and barium sulfate.

Injection molding products require good liquidity and toughness, generally suitable for the use of titanium dioxide and calcium carbonate.

The filling amount of hard products within 10 phr has little effect on the performance of the products. In recent years, in order to reduce the cost, people add too much filling, which is disadvantageous to the performance of the products.

Some inorganic fillers were added to PVC to reduce the cost, improve some physical and mechanical properties (such as hardness), and increase electrical insulation and flame resistance.

In recent years, the whitening problem of rigid PVC plastics has been perplexing many manufacturers, and the real economy is becoming more and more difficult to manage. Only by adding special fluorescent whitening agent for rigid PVC can our products be whiter and brighter, and can we occupy a larger market.

Otherwise, it will soon be eliminated by the market.

At present, many manufacturers in the market are in the hard PVC special fluorescent brightener, it can be soluble in alkane, fat, mineral oil, paraffin and most solvents, very high weather resistance, heat resistance, sun resistance, whitening, brightening, remarkable performance and so on.

It is specially used for high quality auxiliaries of rigid PVC plastics such as PVC pipe, profile, buckle plate and so on.

 rigid PVC

Products using imported raw materials, the use of hard PVC special fluorescent brightener can greatly improve the whiteness, brightness and freshness of PVC pipe, profile, buckle plate and other products.
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