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Whitening principle of ink fluorescent whitening agent

September 03, 2019

In real life, the ink whitening agent we contact is generally based on the OB model, because this product is relatively stable in terms of performance. With the rapid development of the offset printing market, the ink industry is also developing together. Improving the grade of ink products is the pursuit of every ink manufacturer. Today we will introduce the whitening and brightening effect of the ink fluorescent whitening agent OB.

Fluorescent whitening agentOB

In the solvent classification, the ink is generally divided into: water-based ink, ultraviolet-curable ink, water-based UV ink, solvent dilution, and the solubility of the ink fluorescent whitening agent is different. The familiar organic solvents can be diluted. So what kind of principle does the whitening agent whiten? Ruiqite's experts pointed out that the fluorescent whitening agent is a kind of light refraction principle. By the blue and white light that it carries, it can shield the invisible yellow light and the blue light acting whitening agent from the optical angle of view. The ink product appears white in perspective.

How much ink whitening agent can be added to achieve better whitening effect? Ruiqite experts recommend adding 200 grams of Ricky's fluorescent whitening agent OB product to one ton of ink product, which will not increase the cost of the whole product. , you can achieve better results.


Henan Ruiqite Chemical Co., Ltd. has been in the field of fluorescent whitening agent for 28 years, and the output of OB model products is 800 tons per year, meeting the market demand. For more information, feel free to ask Ruiqite.

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