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Which is the best for plastic brightener OB-1 manufacturers?

June 13, 2019

 The advantages of fluorescent whitening agent OB-1 on the market are: high temperature resistance and high whiteness, which are widely used in plastic products. Its high temperature can reach 360 degrees, which is higher than OB and 127 on the market. The application of white agent is wide and the versatility is strong. The appearance of OB-1 brightener used in China can be basically divided into green phase and yellow phase. The annual output in domestic use is about 2000 tons, among which a good plastic OB-1 is selected.  brightener is very necessary, today I will introduce you to the wholesale manufacturer of OB-1 whitening agent commonly used in plastic products---Henan Ruiqite Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

 best plastic brightener OB-1 manufacturers

   It is understood that the plastic products on the market are constantly being iterated. In order to reduce the recycling and reuse in the market, there are many requirements for the plastic processing temperature to be higher than the use temperature of the OB-1 brightener,If the traditional fluorescence brightener in China does not change in the process, and no suitable fluorescence brightener is used in the product, then the annual production of OB-1 brightener will decrease, so the market for brightener will shrink, so now find an alternative The traditional brightener OB-1 is very important!


In the new 2018, the Henan Ruiqite expert team introduced the German import formula, and developed and produced a product OB-1 king whitening agent with a temperature of up to 480 degrees! This product not only replaces the high temperature resistance and whiteness value of the traditional fluorescent whitening agent OB-1, but also has a small amount of use. It is currently a whitening agent with high cost performance on the market!


Henan Ruiqite Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer with 26 years of production experience. It is mainly engaged in whitening agent OB, OB king, OB-1, OB-1 king, KCB, 127, 127 king. The company produces 2,600 tons per year. , the supply of nearly 10,000 plastic products manufacturers nationwide, mature technology, professional one-on-one service for users, let you buy the rest assured, use the peace of mind! Plastic brightener OB-1 manufacturers which is good, is Henan Ruiqite Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.!
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