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7 management processes necessary for brand enterprises

June 13, 2019

As we all know,  Henan Ruiqite Chemical Industry Co. , Lt has been transforming Internet marketing since 2015 and is determined to become an influential enterprise in China's chemical industry. It has been more than 4 years now, during which sales have doubled. From the beginning of the establishment of the difficult, to the current step of light, can not be separated from the strategic vision of Chen, but also inseparable from the fine management process. Today,  Jie Liu, sales manager of Henan Ruiqite, will analyze the unique management process of  Ruiqite.

Ruiqite's management process is roughly divided into several interlocking links: setting goals, controlling progress, grasping evaluations, making promises, adjusting specifications, building systems, and copying. This seemingly simple link is one of the crystallizations that have condensed Chen’s wisdom for many years, reflecting the style of  Chen’s becoming a leader of an outstanding entrepreneur.

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Next, explain the various aspects of the management process:

Link 1: Set goals. The specific goal at Ruiqite  is to do things every month and every day. At the beginning of the month, all the family members of each team will receive the daily clearing worksheet to be completed in the current month. The worksheet refines the various tasks that the family will complete each month, which is specific to each assessment every day.

Link 2: Control progress. After decomposing the target, it is necessary to supervise and control. This is reflected in the fact that each team has regular meetings every week. At the regular meeting, the family will bring their own daily and monthly statements, and accept the inspection of the military commander (team leader). Make sure the goal is completed.

Link 3: Grasping the assessment. The evaluation and evaluation section reflects the company's incentive plan. The company advocates that the award is worthy of the award, and the penalty will be punished. There will be corresponding incentives at different stages, and there will be unexpected rewards, fully motivated.

Link 4: Reward the promise. If the company has an incentive plan, it will be honored. Because Henan Ruiqite is a company that believes in the commitment system. What is the commitment system? The commitment system is to do things that what you have  said , not to empty the gun. In Ruiqite , the rule is : I must do it if i have said.

Link 5: The whole specification. The whole normative link is not only reflected in the company's operation process according to the standard implementation, but also reflects the need to solve customer problems in the process of product sales, to effectively solve customer problems.

Link 6: Building the system. The company's working philosophy is system operation, and a standardized system is required to establish a standard system. With the standard system, it is possible to quickly realize the help of the elderly, and the newcomers can learn and let the newcomers quickly integrate into the company.

Link 7: Learning copy. The link that will be copied reflects the tenacious vitality of Ruiqite  Company, and copies the mature operating system to more teams, laying a solid foundation for Chen’s future strategic layout.

In short, Ruiqite's interlocking operation mode is in line with the operational characteristics of current light asset companies, and is the core of the long-term development of Internet marketing companies.
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