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What kind of fluorescent whitening agent is the safest and most environmentally friendly for washing laundry liquid?

June 13, 2019

We all know that the super-liquid laundry liquid endorsed by Sun Li has always been well received and favored by the market. The shocking slogan is widely advertised. The super woman uses super detergent. This sentence also shows that women are clever in life. The use of tips can save a lot of time. Next, I will tell you about an important additive in the Laundry detergent that shows the best effect when used in real life - fluorescent whitening agent.


Adapt to the development and requirements of the new era, shopping is the choice of environmentally friendly, efficient, green and healthy products. Henan Ruiqite Chemical Co., Ltd. is one of the few manufacturers of fluorescent whitening agents, which is a product imported from Germany. RQT-C-2, a unique fluorescent whitening agent product, has been developed and recognized by many customers in Hebei Province in the production and concentration of domestic laundry detergent. We all know that the laundry detergent is inherited from various washing powders. The advantage is that a new and practical environmentally friendly product developed by the company has a long-lasting protection effect on clothing, and is a household product widely consumed in a new generation of metropolises.

 the safest and most environmentally friendly  fluorescent whiteningfor washing laundry liquid agent

The application of fluorescent whitening agent is to add icing on the laundry detergent, because the fluorescent whitening agent belongs to an optical whitening principle additive, and under the sunlight the clothing will appear more glorious gorgeous. In the rinsing, the raw materials in the clothes can be protected from damage for a long time, so it is widely used in the cleaning of industrial washing powder, laundry detergent, hotel sheets and covers, etc. Adding 100 grams of fluorescent whitening agent RQT-C-2 upgrade to one ton of water saves both the amount of water and the effect you want.


There are many kinds of fluorescent whitening agents for laundry detergent. Many manufacturers will choose an environmentally-friendly and efficient fluorescent whitening agent. The fluorescent whitening agent RQT-C-2 upgraded by Henan Ruiqite Chemical Co., Ltd. is an efficient and environmentally friendly one. The product is also a fluorescent whitening agent specially used for washing detergent and washing. For more information, please visit the website of Henan Ruiqite: Chemical is willing to provide you with the best quality service.
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