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Printing and dyeing whitening agent which effect is good and price is cheaper

June 13, 2019

The printing and dyeing industry has a long history in the application of brighteners. The traditional process is to dye a certain proportion of pigments through dye cylinders, dyeing and coloring, so that cotton textiles and silk fabrics are whiter, whiteness, brightness and brightness are multiplied. Which of the best printing and dyeing brighteners is the best, then the Ruiqite expert team will tell you about the unique RQT-BKR brightener for printing and dyeing. 

whitening agent for printing and dyeing

The whitening agent for printing and dyeing needs to pass the national safety monitoring and environmental protection certification. Therefore, in the environmental performance, Ruiqite chemical products are tested by SGS, allowing customers and users to use it with confidence. Ruiqite printing and dyeing whitening agent is superior in use performance, the content is above 99%, and the products are used efficiently and fully. Manufacturers recommend products, the price has an advantage. Can replace other brighteners, achieving more than twice the performance.

Optical Brightening Agent factory

In terms of application, Ruiqite Brightener RQT-BKR products are mainly used in cotton textiles, polypropylene, acrylic, hotel linen quilts, large washing plants, etc. This printing and dyeing whitening agent has very good compatibility with water. Mixing the laundry liquid in one ton of water. According to the RQT-BKR product of 500-1000 grams, the whiteness of the washed product can be whiter and the brightness is doubled. Ricky's team of experts has done experiments. In the liquid state, the whitening agent can make the water clear and transparent.

Optical Brightening Agent factory

Through the movement between molecules, through the cotton fabric, it can tightly cling to the product molecules, so that it will not be washed by water. Walking, the products that have used Ruiqite whitening agent will be washed more and more white, and to some extent, the damage of the washing agent to the product will be reduced, and the product will be used for a long time.
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