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Ink fluorescent whitening agent which is good quality

June 14, 2019

Ink is an important material for printing. It prints or prints patterns and text on a substrate. The ink includes a main component and an auxiliary component,which are uniformly mixed and repeatedly rolled to form a viscous gelatinous fluid. It consists of a binder (resin), a pigment, a filler, an auxiliary agent, and a solvent. It is used for various printings such as books, packaging, decoration, architectural decoration and electronic circuit boards. As the demand for society increases, so does the variety and output of inks. The main ingredients are colorants, binders, fillers, diluents, anti-skinning agents, anti-offsets, etc., as well as other auxiliaries: such as dispersants, wetting agents, desiccants, stabilizers.

 Ink  fluorescent whitening

It is indispensable to reproduce the brightness and whiteness of the gloss in the ink.The ratio of ink to the quality of the ink and the brightness of the ink are whiteness. How to improve these effects? Usually most manufacturers will add fluorescent whitening agents to the ink to solve the problem. Usually the added brighteners are mostly OB, but why is the quality of each company supplying fluorescent whitening agents different? Where is the whitening agent most stable, high content, less dosage to improve product whiteness, brightness, vividness is more obvious?


Ruiqite Chemical is a private joint-stock enterprise with 28 years of production experience. It is a private joint-stock enterprise that produces and sells fluorescent dye brightener series, brightener series, imported German imported formula and process, and higher brightener content. Less dosage and better results. Adding to your ink products is better, solving your product's yellowing, dark color, and insufficient brightness. Ruiqite ob weather resistance is better, UV resistance is strong, and your ink products are more durable, no fading yellow. For more details, please contact Ruiqite directly!

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