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Industrial detergent powder brightener which is good

June 14, 2019

Fluorescent whitening agent RQT-C-2 color bleaching powder is an oxygen-releasing bleaching agent. Hydrogen peroxide is an ideal additive for light industry, textile and daily chemical industries. Especially for various washing powders. , laundry detergent, soap and liquid detergent can improve the performance of the product and improve the intrinsic quality and appearance quality of the product. It is especially suitable for low-temperature washing and whitening. It is the most effective fluorescent whitening agent in the detergent industry. It is widely used as an optical brightener in laundry detergent.

 Industrial detergent powder brightener

Color bleaching powder is the most commonly used in the laundry industry. It is a fluorescent whitening agent. It bleaches the fabric mildly and does not damage the fabric. It can make the white fabric whiter, the color fabric is more vivid, and has better bleaching effect and sterilization. effect. The moderate bleaching of the color bleaching powder will not cause the color fabric to oxidize and fade, especially suitable for the staining, bleaching and sterilization of colored fabrics and guest clothes, which can make the fabric white and bright as new.

 Industrial detergent powder brightener

It has strong fluorescence, high effect, extremely resistant to chlorine bleaching, hydrogen peroxide bleaching and strong acid and alkali, which makes it have a high whitening effect in detergents containing brighteners. It can significantly increase the whiteness of washing powder and soap, and improve the appearance quality. The swimming property is good.

Industrial detergent powder brightener

At low temperature, the small bath is evenly whitened compared to hand washing and machine washing, and no spots are generated. It has strong whitening effect, and has high whitening effect on cellulose fiber, polyamide, protein fiber and cotton cloth in cold water and warm water, while other fluorescent whitening agents have poor whitening effect at low temperature.
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