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Application method of ink whitening agent OB

June 14, 2019

The ink is made of resin as a connecting agent, adding pigment and filler thinner, anti-skinning agent, anti-offset and slip agent, brightener and other additives. Ink is an important material for printing, it will be printed. Patterns and words are displayed on the substrate. The ink includes a main component and an auxiliary component which are uniformly mixed and repeatedly rolled to form a viscous gelatinous fluid. It consists of pigments, binders and auxiliaries and solvents. It is used for various printings such as books, magazines, packaging and decoration, and architectural decoration. As the demand for society increases, so does the variety and output of inks.

 whitening agent for ink

Inks mainly include solvent inks, water-based inks, UV inks, screen printing inks, offset inks, etc. for additive products. The physical and chemical properties of the ink mainly refer to its density, fineness, transparency, gloss, light resistance, heat resistance and acid, alkali, water and solvent (alcohol) properties. In order to increase the brightness, whiteness and vividness of the ink, an ink whitening agent is generally added to improve the whiteness, brightness and vividness. Generally, the whitening agent OB is used, although it can meet the customer requirements, but it is far from satisfactory.

whitening agent for ink

With the requirements of high-end customers, with the economic development of the label exhibition, the environmental protection voice is getting higher and higher. The printing industry has put forward new requirements for offset printing inks in terms of non-toxicity and pollution-free. Environmentally-friendly offset printing inks have received extensive attention from users and have begun to be applied. Packaging, newspapers, commercial printing, etc., the added ink whitening agent OB requires environmental protection, whiteness requirements are particularly high, and weather resistance requires long-lasting non-yellowing!

 whitening agent for ink

Ruiqite chemical and chemical industry has introduced the German technology to develop and produce the ink whitening agent OB king. Due to its superior fluorescent whitening effect, good thermal stability and few additions, it has been widely used as a fluorescent whitening in China. One of the agents. It is also suitable for whitening of polyester fibers, paints, paints, inks and acrylics. Fluorescent whitening agent OB can be used in combination with dyes to produce a particular brightness, which is particularly effective in color formulations.
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