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For plastic products in the brightener which cost-effective

June 14, 2019
  Today, we introduce a high-quality brightener product in plastic products. According to the market survey of plastic products, the majority of users are generally concerned about the product's good effect and high cost performance. There are a lot of brightener products on the market. How to choose a brightener product that is suitable for plastics and cost-effective?
For plastic products in the brightener which cost-effective
 According to the survey, there are a lot of brighteners on the market, which is more traditional than the single one.
The content of the product is low, and the amount of addition is more differentiated, mainly when the appearance of the product is brightened. As a result, prices have been mixed, and at the same time, the market has become chaotic, and it is difficult for customers to buy quality products.
high-quality brightener product in plastic products
  Now that Ruiqite Chemical understands the market situation, it has introduced imported high-end technology formula to optimize the brightener product to the extreme, and produced an imported brightener RQT-G-1. It not only changes the surface impurities, but also keeps the object. External cleanliness, gloss, and color fastness. The effect of the appearance is affected by the grinding effect, and the polishing efficiency is improved. This product is still the domestic price, the quality of the import, and is currently a cost-effective imported brightener product in China. If you are also doing plastic products, but also looking for a cost-effective brightener, please contact us.
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