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How to make white silicone brighten and brighten?

June 14, 2019

The properties of silica gel are amorphous and are a highly active adsorbent. Silica gel can be divided into: large pore silica gel, B silica gel, coarse pore silica gel, fine pore silica gel according to its pore size; it is divided into extruded silica gel and molded silica gel according to its composition; it can be divided into organic silica gel according to its nature and composition. There are two major categories of inorganic silica gel.

make white silicone brighten and brighten

Some product grades require higher whiteness and brightness transparency of the product, so how can we improve the transparency whiteness of silicone rubber? Some products with strict requirements can not contain fluorescence. In recent years, Henan Ruiqite Chemical experts have developed a highly effective environmentally friendly non-fluorescent whitening agent RQT-K-1 special effect version, which can greatly improve the whiteness and transparency of the product. Side effects, improve the weather resistance of the product, effectively solve the problem of yellowing of silicone rubber, and make the product more durable. At present, it is the first in the world to be the first in the world. As the leader of fluorescent whitening agent, this is the only product we can be proud of. Widely used in masks, high-end cosmetics, eyeglasses and other high-end products that require stricter requirements.

make white silicone brighten and brighten

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