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The remove yellowing effect of Ruiqite's multi-functional yellowing agent

June 20, 2019

RQT-TS is an oil-soluble transparent liquid, which is the new multi-functional yellowing agent developed by Ruiqite. The company's research and development of this product is aimed at allowing dealers to open up more customers, helping and solving the problems that many manufacturers have in the production of plastic products - easy to yellow. Yellowing is a constant concern for many manufacturers, especially in transparent plastic products. The yellowing of the product seriously affects the appearance of the product, directly affects the sales volume of the product, and will affect the profitability of the manufacturer. Therefore, manufacturers want to have an additive to solve this problem. Therefore, Ruiqite's yellowing transparent agent definitely has a big market and is worthy of agency.

fluorescent whitening agent

Ruiqite found this problem through market research surveys, and developed an efficient product that can solve this problem. The yellow color produced during the processing is caused by several reasons. One is that the injection temperature is too high, causing the plastic to burn and yellow. The most direct reason is that there are many plastic powders and particles generated during the crushing, and the yellowing effect is decomposed into the product. These particles are invisible to the naked eye.

The multi-functional yellowing agent RQT-TS is specially designed to eliminate the yellowing caused by the processing of plastic products and to rapidly decompose these particulate matter. Remove the yellow light, keep the product bright, add a little bright, and use it better when used in plastic transparent products, which can make the product more translucent. The appearance of this product is blue powder, only need to add 0.01%-0.03% when using, it can eliminate the yellowing in the product and make the product more transparent. If used RQT-TS in a color product, also can add RQT-K-1 fluorescent whitening agent together , it will be more whiter and brighter.

The amount must be controlled when using this product. RQT-TS products have a wide range of applications, such as PVC, PE, PP, PS, ABS, PMMA, POM and other thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics, polyester PA PA nylon resin, have a great effect. Therefore, if you want to represent this product or your customers have trouble with the product, you can contact us .

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