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Proper use of fluorescent whitening agent RQT-C-2 can prevent yellowing of textiles

June 21, 2019

Yellowing, also known as "yellowing", refers to the phenomenon that white or light-colored materials are yellowed under the influence of external conditions such as light and chemicals. Correct use of the fluorescent whitening agent RQT-C-2 can prevent and solve the yellowing of textiles. White textiles and dyed textiles without the addition of fluorescent whitening agents are not only damaged in appearance but also have a reduced service life after yellowing. In white or light-colored products such as wool, silk, rayon, leather, bleached textiles have yellowing in varying degrees, some in the processing process, and some in the process of use, no matter which, both have a serious impact on the appearance quality of the product.

Proper use of fluorescent whitening agent  can prevent yellowing of textiles

In general, the common yellowing in textiles is mainly yellowing and phenolic yellowing.

Reasons for yellowing of textiles:

1, the fabric itself causes yellowing

Generally, wool, viscose fiber, nylon, spandex and the like are liable to cause yellowing.

2. Yellowing caused during production

Generally, in order to obtain a satisfactory whiteness of the fabric, it is sometimes necessary to add an optical brightener for treatment in the post-finishing process. When the concentration of the fluorescent whitening agent reaches a certain value, the whiteness will reach the highest value; but when it exceeds this concentration, the whiteness will decrease with the increase of the concentration, resulting in yellowing of the fabric. In the process of processing, steam ironing or uneven drying will also cause the fluorescent whitening agent to migrate, resulting in local yellowing caused by excessive local concentration. The auxiliaries used in the post-dyeing process may also cause yellowing of the fabric. In addition, many direct dyes can form complexes with heavy metal ions, resulting in reduced solubility and dyed shades, even with small amounts of copper or iron ions, which inhibit fluorescence and reduce the whiteness of fluorescent whitened fiber materials, causing yellowing.

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