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Acrylic de-yellowing transparent agent

July 14, 2022

Acrylic is a colorless transparent liquid. The acrylic sheet we often say is acrylic plastic. Its production is difficult, the cost is high, and the recyclability is strong. Although recycled acrylic has high economic value, the recycled material is easy to yellow, which directly affects our appearance and use. In order to solve the problem of yellowing, our company has developed an acrylic de-yellowing transparent agent, which is a blue liquid in appearance, only needs to add 10-30 grams per ton of raw materials, with small dosage and low cost. After use, the product remains clear and transparent for a long time, and does not turn yellow in the later stage. Acrylic de-yellowing transparent agent has the advantages of good dispersibility, good weather resistance, good stability, etc., and overcomes the problem of easy precipitation of yellowing in the later stage when the amount of de-yellowing agent in the market is large.

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