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TPU de-yellowing transparent agent

July 15, 2022

The various excellent properties exhibited in the application process of TPU plastic materials, including wear resistance, environmental protection, transparency, easy encapsulation and self-adhesion, elasticity and hand feeling, etc., are favored by the material industry. However, TPU has a natural defect, that is, it gradually turns yellow as time progresses. Many appearance products, such as watch straps, instrument phone covers, shifter balls and other transparent or colored products, once yellowing seriously, the color will change to the color. Transparent to yellow, very ugly. The fundamental reason is that due to the presence of benzene rings in its molecular structure, it is very easy to absorb ultraviolet light and cause yellowing. In order to solve the problem of TPU yellowing and low transparency, our company has specially developed a blue powdery TPU de-yellowing transparent agent, which only needs to add about 50g-200g per ton, with small dosage and low cost. TPU de-yellowing transparent agent has the advantages of anti-aging, good dispersibility, good stability, etc.After use, the product remains clear and transparent for a long time and has no blue light, and does not turn yellow in the later stage.

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